Ashton 2 Year Painting Milestone Session | Somerset, New Jersey

What better way than to set up a stage for your little ones, to indulge them in creative play! I always thought that painting for children is beyond joy, its the medium to express their feelings and independence! 

Ashton’s session was all about it! His mom was very open to new ideas, and gave me the opportunity to suggest a theme! So I came up with a very unique “painting themed session” to celebrate Ashton turning two. The intention was to take candid portraiture of him experimenting with colors! 

We took a little risk, by taking all the painting materials outside in nature for this photo shoot! I was not sure how this was going to turn out, so I’d also planned to introduce a tractor toy later in the session.  

We lucked out, the weather was fine and he had super fun exploring around! But, his adorable expressions while painting clearly stole the show!  

The best part of the whole day for me, was at the end of the session when the parents requested if they could take his art pieces home. I couldn’t be happier to hear that they wanted to preserve these pieces! Enjoy the glimpse of this budding artist in making! 

And if you’re also thinking of documenting your child’s creative developmental journey, please fill out the contact form now! 

Harris Family Portrait Session | Somerset, New Jersey

This adorable baby girl recently came to see me for her first birthday family portrait session. I had the best time photographing little Olivia and her wonderful parents! When I first spoke with Olivia’s mom, she mentioned it had been quite some time since they had professional portraits taken for her family and she would love to do something in nature! I was greatly honored that she choose me.

We decided to add little piano prop as she enjoys music and singing! She was a bit shy in the beginning and kept nodding to her parents to hold her up! 

I kept wondering what she’ll be like once she grows up, will she be as sweet and shy like her dad or as cheerful and confident like her mom! Whatever she turns out to be, I’m sure it will be a beautiful surprise. Right now let this adorable little girl stay little!

I couldn’t stop gazing into her little face, her eyes full of inquisitiveness! Enjoy the glimpse of few of my favorites from our time together!

Mathew’s Morning Creek Bubble Bath Session | Bound Brook, New Jersey

How does having a bath out in the middle of a creek sounds! Mathew got to splash in some water for his fun summer morning creek bubble bath session!

This is an absolute favorite session I have been wanting to share for a while! Before the cold weather kicks in, I thought I would share with you’ll how warm and beautiful it was just a few months back!   

This little guy braved the slippery stream and uneven rocks with me like a champ! He got so excited seeing the bubbles, that getting him to smile eventually became a tough deal!

The best part was the sunlight peeking through the trees that lit up everything around so beautifully! Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!

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