Ayaan’s Superman Cake Smash Session | Bound Brook, New Jersey

Recently, a couple of parents contacted me requesting a cake smash asking if I can do teal blue color with stars or pink with red hearts, etc. Sorry, if you’re new to this photography trend, a cake smash session is basically a way of celebrating a child’s first birthday in a staged setting where the baby is presented with a cake for good pictures. 

Now there is nothing wrong in doing a cake smash but our choices are so much driven by social media these days that we tend to forget the real beauty of this very special milestone in child’s life. Don’t believe me, try to google cake smash session and see your screen turn blue, pink, orange, red, and then props everywhere! Where is the baby????  

The point is simple, cake smash sessions are meant to show off your baby, not the props. There is no limit to creativity when it comes to celebrating a one year baby. If the idea of custom session or theme session excites you then don’t go overboard with your props choices, keep it minimal. At the end of the day, props are used only to enhance the look of the session and not to take the focus away from the baby. Let baby and cake be the stars of the session and don’t clutter by adding banners, balloons, letters, etc.

Please give me all those adorable squishy babies popping up on your Facebook feed & Pinterest board and I would do my best to make them the star of the session! Again I really love doing a cake smash session but adding too many props is not my style. My first birthday sessions are not restricted to cake smashes only, I do paint smash, milk bath, and I also love to create scenes or unique characters for parents who want to make their baby’s birthday extra special!

I was lucky to have Ayaan in my studio for the Superman cake smash and really honored when his mum and dad decided to go with my idea of keeping things simple!  He didn’t seem interested in the cake for some reason but loved playing with m&m button-shaped candies that we’ve kept behind the cake to entice him.

I intentionally set the tone of background to monochromatic minimal so that the little superman can pop out in the scene! 

 I couldn’t be happier that everything turned out so well except for the cake smash part! But doesn’t matter because his priceless expressions will make for a good story!

Christmas Mini Session 2018 | New Jersey

There is nothing to not love about CHRISTMAS! I believe Christmas is a time, to pause and make joyful memories with family. And, that’s possibly the most meaningful tradition of all, to simply be together! 

Let me share an insight from my this year’s Holiday minis experience! This year I decided to give a rustic country touch to Christmas setup by including real wood backdrop, luxurious flokati rug, vintage wooden sled, and pine cones!

I also did a modern Christmas theme and picked pastel and creamy tones for some of my little clients! 

Aren’t the photos magical? Thank you to all those who reached out to book a session, it was a delight to photograph your adorable children!

I’m officially fully booked for Jan’19 and taking bookings for the rest of the quarter! If you are interested in investing in some beautiful photos you can contact me here

May you have a merriest & most magical Christmas experience with your loved ones!   

Arpita and Riple Family Lifestyle Session

Arpita & Riple welcomed me into their gorgeous new home to document their candid everyday moments!

They recently bought a beautiful house in Holmdel, and had this magical light peaking through their bathroom window which was perfect for those airy photos! It was a fun afternoon filled with play-time, bubbles, giggles and loads of love!  

Believe me, nothing is better than photographing real-life connection of a family at the comfort and warmth of their own home!  Lifestyle photography is like going on a mini vacation in your home, it’s an opportunity to re-live those moments that otherwise pass too quickly! And trust me, this is the only kind of session in which you will not worry much about if you would look good in the camera!

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into their real-life moments!

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